How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin Naturally

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Double chins are embarrassing and frustrating. Some people believe that losing weight is the only way to eliminate a double chin, but that isn’t always true. Even some people who are at healthy weights struggle with the appearance of a double chin.

So what can you do in order to help eliminate your double chin? Are you stuck with a double chin for the rest of your life, or can you actually fix it? Here are some solutions that you can try out for yourself.

Natural Supplements and Solutions

Natural vitamins, supplements, and topical solutions can be used to improve the elasticity in your neck. Improved elasticity can help reduce the presence of a double chin. We’ve found these two methods to be the best natural solutions to try when looking to eliminate a double chin.

Vitamin E Intake. If you increase your vitamin E intake, it will help to increase the elasticity of your skin, which will help reduce the appearance of a double chin. You can either take a supplement or add Vitamin E rich foods into your diet. These include dairy products, green leafy vegetables, legumes and many more.

Cocoa Butter. Many people use cocoa butter to reduce scarring, but it can also help to improve the health and elasticity of your skin as well. Rubbing the area with warm cocoa butter once a day can start to help your double chin in just a few weeks.

Appearance Changes

One issue that people have with a double chin is how obvious the double chin is to other people. These tips are meant to help you “cover up” the appearance of the double chin without having to put a lot of time or effort into the process.

– What type of hairstyle do you have? Many people with double chins make the mistake of getting short “bob” style haircuts that make your hair at the same level as your chin. This can draw attention to the chin area and make your double chin more obvious. Instead, keep your hair at shoulder length or a little longer.

– (For men) Do you have a beard? A beard, if done correctly, can help a man reduce the appearance of his double chin (of course, in some cases, you may just make it worse).

– (For women) If you are good with using makeup, go ahead and try to use it to help eliminate your double chin. If done correctly, it can make your face look thinner as well.

Double Chin Exercises

One of the most effective ways to eliminate a double chin is to make sure that your chin is moving on a regular basis. Yes, there are actually ways for you to exercise your chin. Try some of these methods to reduce the size.

Chewing gum. Even something as simple as chewing sugar-free gum can actually help you eliminate a double chin. Chewing gum can help tone the muscles in your face without giving you a toothache. You can do this up to several times a day as long as you’re chewing sugar-free gum; the sugary varieties may give you some tooth issues.

– Another double chin exercise works to firm the jaw up. Open your mouth up wide, pull your bottom lip tightly over your bottom teeth, and then move your lower jaw up and down 10 to 15 times. This will help work your lower jaw, thus helping to reduce some of the fat stored in your chin area.

– You could also try a double chin stretch. When sitting, tilt your head back, then pucker your lips while keeping the rest of your face relaxed. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, and it will help to stretch out the area and tone it out.

Neck rolls are another good option for eliminating double chins. While standing, turn your head sideways so that your chin is parallel to your shoulder. Roll your head downward and back up. Do this about 10 times on each side.

There are a number of other chin exercises that you can try as well, but these are a great place for you to get started. They’re so simple that you could even do them at your work desk during the day without having to take any time away from what you’re doing, so they’re definitely worth a try if you want to get rid of your double chin.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can try to get rid of a double chin. Instead of just “dealing with it,” you can take control of the situation and eliminate your double chin issues for good. Good luck!

Last Updated 14 Oct 2013

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